Daily Squeeze: “I was just going to say”

This expression is useful for those moments when two people begin to talk at the same time, and there’s an awkward pause. You’ll often hear “I was just going to say” before one speaker begins again. Since it’s just a signal of taking a turn, we often don’t pronounce it clearly, and the words blend together.

“Yeah, I just – ”
“Um – go ahead, Ch-” – “I had a-”
“Um – I was just gonna say, one of the things I did recently, just to…”

[jæǝ, aɪdǯɪs] [ʌm – goǝhɛdk] – [aɪhædǝ] [ʌm – aɪzdʒǝsgnǝseɪ wʌ̃ θɪŋz aɪ dɪd ɾisǝ̃ʔli dʒǝstǝ]
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