Daily Squeeze: [ðǝsgǝbi]

This is a pretty extreme example. In isolation, it could reasonably be understood as “this could be” (but it isn’t!). Can you guess what else could be squeezed into this soundshape? You’ll hear it three times. [ðǝsgǝbi] Click ‘solution’ to hear the example in context.

Daily Squeeze: “Well, y’ain’t in the woods…”

“Well, y’aint in the woods now are you son?,” he asked. [wɛ́l jẽ́ʔn̩ǝwʊ́dz nǽʊ áɹjǝ sʌ́n hiǽst] I don’t hear a distinct, intrusive [w] in “now are,” as is often heard in sequences like “to eat,” perhaps because this speaker doesn’t have much lip-rounding at the end of “now.” Note that this speaker was born …

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