Squeeze zones, and more

Here I’ll be posting thoughts on teaching and improving listening skills, as well as audio clips for the “daily squeeze” feature: little examples to savor the blends and blurs of quick, natural speech. Be sure to click through the previews below to hear the examples.

Daily Squeeze: [ðǝsgǝbi]

This is a pretty extreme example. In isolation, it could reasonably be understood as “this could be” (but it isn’t!). Can you guess what else could be squeezed into this soundshape? You’ll hear it three times. [ðǝsgǝbi] Click ‘solution’ to hear the example in context.

Daily Squeeze: [ɪbináɪstǝhæv]

It’s common to use a contraction “it’d” for “it would.” Since -t and -d at the end of a word are often left out when the next word begins with a consonant, this speaker pronounces “it’d be” as simply [ɪbi]. it’d be nice to have [ɪbináɪstǝhæv]

Daily Squeeze: [ðǝčykn]

Listen to this clip (you’ll hear it three times): [ðǝčykn] In the context of a cooking show, I might interpret this as “the chicken” (though that vowel doesn’t sound quite right). With more context, though, it’s easier to recognize these words: so many different jobs that you can choose from […ðǝčyknčyzfɹǝm] Listen for how the …

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