American Voices for Teachers

Does this sound familiar?

You want to improve your students' listening skills with authentic materials, but you don't have time to

  • find great listening pieces (or create your own)
  • deal with copyright issues
  • create supporting materials
  • maintain a website with listening materials

When I taught language classes at the University of South Carolina, I ran into these problems all the time... so I decided to create a solution for teachers and advanced learners of English.

Let American Voices take care of it for you

For just $15 a month, you'll have access to a selection of thoughtful, professionally produced audio stories, with supplemental resources ready to go... with new stories added every month.

If you give private lessons, you can give access to up to six of your students, at no cost to them. (Make sure to point out in your marketing materials that this saves them more than $100 a year, as compared to the price of a student subscription!)

If you represent a school, or just need access for more students, please get in touch!

Save time and money

How much is your time worth?

If you spent an hour online looking for a good story... a half hour (and possibly some money) clearing copyright issues... at least another two hours creating an introduction, glossary, transcript, quiz, discussion questions, and links for further exploration... and another two hours putting it all on the web so your students could access it...

That's over five hours of your time. If you charge $30 an hour as a private teacher, that's over $150 of your time to find and prepare a single story. And if you teach full-time at a school, you probably don't have that extra time to begin with!

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  • save time looking for great material
  • save stress & money worrying about copyright
  • save time preparing supplemental materials
  • capture your students' interest with truly engaging topics
  • save money for your students
  • fully authentic listening material, with no changes or edits
  • all supporting materials created by experienced language teachers