The Run (Part 1)

From the podcast “This is Love:” David Alexander tells Phoebe Judge the story of his family… how he met his wife Jessie, their marriage, and the birth of their two daughters. In Phoebe’s words, “It’s easy to tell this part of the story. The rest isn’t so simple, nothing good ever is.”
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David Alexander: Hi. My name is David Alexander. I grew up in Brooklyn, and I’m here to answer a few questions and tell my story.

Phoebe Judge: One day in the early ’70s, David Alexander decided to go for a run in Central Park.

David: And so I drove up there and parked the car and walked down in the meadow still holding my key ring, my big key ring. [chuckle] And I wanted to put the – put it down, and there I saw Jessie sitting on a blanket, a Wednesday afternoon in the spring, and she had the Times, Sunday Arts and Leisure section, a bottle of water, a sketchpad, and she had a men’s hat with a ribbon tipped to one side. And I said, “Ah, perfect. May I leave my keys here while I go for a run?” “Sure,” she said. And so I was gone for 15 minutes and came back. And we had a natural conversation. And I sat down, and then some time went by, and I offered her a ride home, and… which she accepted. It was a different time in New York then. [chuckle]

Phoebe: It’s easy to tell this part of the story. The rest isn’t so simple, nothing good ever is.

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