The Run (Part 2)

In Part 2 of this story from the podcast “This is Love:” David and his daughters talk about their lives in Chapel Hill, and the challenges of a single father raising two daughters on his own.
Note that the full audio of this story is available for free.

Phoebe Judge: So you arrive in Chapel Hill with these two little girls, and you now – now, it’s you. It’s…

David Alexander: Yeah.

PJ: It’s dad.

DA: Oh, yeah.

PJ: And – what’d you do?

DA: It was all about managing. It was not about getting ahead, it was, hold down the process and be there for them when they came home.

PJ: Stability.

DA: Yeah. I managed okay.

Where – when I – when I think about when Julienne and I were dressed up as a kid, we grabbed, you know, just grabbed whatever looked, like, clean and sometimes, like, to think, “Oh, we got it out of, like, a trash can.”


Julienne: It wasn’t – it wasn’t a trash can.

PJ: But your father probably said when you came downstairs, you know, he’s both – “Well, that looks good.”

Julienne: Yeah, yeah.


PJ: Great choice.

Julienne: I think we wore things that were definitely too small. I mean, sort of straightforward stuff. We probably both looked a lot like miniature fathers.


Julienne: And we still sort of are.

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