Before Listening

In this segment we follow Andrew Forsthoefel as he walks across the Western United States, crossing the Continental Divide and finally completing his journey at the Pacific Ocean. You’ll hear conversations with Otho Rogers, a cowboy who is looking back over his life, and James and Chris Paisano, Native American brothers who introduce the heart of their culture, as well as Andrew’s honest thoughts about fear and the finality of finishing the walk. A last piece of advice comes from bounty hunter Wendell Lee.

  • As Andrew continues to walk across America, his conversations with people touch on expectations for our lives, on age, and on death. Listen for what Otho Rogers feels about old age, and how long he would like to live.
  • As he walks through the desert, Andrew is often alone for long stretches of time. How does this make him feel? Does it change how he acts?
  • As he reaches the end of his walk, Andrew thinks about the people he has met, and what he has learned. Listen for his thoughts on fear, and what he would tell his younger self.