Daily Squeeze: [ðǝčykn]

Listen to this clip (you’ll hear it three times):

In the context of a cooking show, I might interpret this as “the chicken” (though that vowel doesn’t sound quite right). With more context, though, it’s easier to recognize these words:

Listen for how the ‘t’ and ‘y’ of “that you” sounds just like the ‘ch’ in choose. This is very common; you’ll also hear it in phrases like “Whatcha doin’?” – a very informal way to say “What are you doing?”

Here’s the fuller context, taken from the story “One Reason.”

Okay. So you just graduated college, which means you’re now highly educated and incredibly motivated. And they tell you that, “The world is your oyster”, and there’s so many different options, so many different jobs that you can choose from, so many different places to start. And all these people who are interested in your talents, that it’s the absolute perfect time to leave the country and move to Australia and live in a car for three months with your vegetarian friend Dave.
Which is exactly what I did.

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