Tooltip Categories: One Reason


round, curled formation


being connected with surrounding people, things, nature, elements, or all of these


an official ‘stroke style’ of swimming, in which the swimmer moves through the water on his stomach, with arms stretched out and legs kicking in a frog-like motion


uninteresting, general, routine; often referring to everyday tasks and activities


an underlying idea, theme, or association that comes along with a word or phrase, in addition to its literal or general meaning


a mirror image; used here to refer to the face as the subject seen as a reflected mirror image


a natural earth pigment (coloring), ocher can be found in a variety of colors (yellow, red, purple, brown, sienna, umber), and contains hydrated iron oxide, which is what produces the coloring; also spelled ‘ochre.’


traditional children’s play apparatus, with by a long board supported in the middle; used metaphorically here as a mental picture of methodically ‘going in and coming out.’