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Carrie Bradshaw

a leading fictional character in the US television series ‘Sex and the City’

Time Out

a magazine and website with information on events, activities, and things to do in New York

shift changes

Shift” refers to a period of time (usually marked by hours) which an employee works for its company on a particular day.  An employee may have “night shift” or “day shift

3rd Avenue

a main thoroughfare running north/south on the east side of New York City’s Manhattan borough (region), stretching into the Bronx by way of the Third Street bridge


very small; a colloquial version of tiny

Pacific Palisades

a residential neighborhood in the Westside of Los Angeles, California, with many wealthy residents, near Santa Monica Bay

to shut down

to stop one’s normal activities, avoid conversation and interaction


faultless, without error; often refers to taste (style, music), professionalism, or the way someone dresses


a loss in mental abilities and memory, especially late in life