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a wise guide and/or teacher – someone with authority on a specific subject, or simply in life; officially a Sanskrit term for ‘master’ or ‘teacher;’ in mainstream culture, it can mean an expert or teacher in a specific field or discipline


refers to the small bit of food taken out of a larger piece – the small taste of Mr. Morgenstern’s bagel, for example

he goes

‘he says;’ in the context of informal storytelling, it’s common to use ‘go’ as a synony


the instrument (sometimes called a ‘knob’) or part of a radio or sound playing device that raises and lowers the volume (used with the verb ‘to turn’); (in this interview, Priya jokingly says she will ‘turn the dial’ in reference to herself and the volume of her voice

a bunch

colloquial term for ‘a lot’ or ‘a group of’ (as in ‘a bunch of grapes’ or ‘a bunch of people’)


slang for ‘girl,’ ‘young woman’


someone who is friendly, relaxed, tolerant; who does not seem stressed


traits, specific parts of a person’s personality that makes them distinct from others or describes the way they interact with others


actions or decisions that a person wishes they had not done in the past (to say someone ‘has no regrets’ means that they would not change the way their life had been led, to not wish that their past was different than reality)