A non-profit organization in California explores a new way to build houses that are less expensive, safe in earthquakes, and energy efficient.

…They live in a charming neighborhood of bungalows just off Hollywood Boulevard. But they secretly dream of living in a giant igloo made of dirt.

00:17 Speaker 2: And here is Cal-Earth, you can see on your right.

00:20 Speaker 3: Oh my god.

00:21 S2: Yeah, it’s – it’s totally, totally different.

00:25 EM: We drove an hour east of LA to the town of Hesperia. As I entered Cal-Earth, I felt like I was walking onto the set of Luke Skywalker’s house.

00:33 Speaker 4: It’s like “Star Wars” and “Lord of the Rings” put together.

00:37 EM: The connection to outer space is not a coincidence. The idea for these houses came from a lunar colony. It started out as a NASA project designed by the Iranian architect Nader Khalili…

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